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6/11/2012 - Added (CW2) Greg "Froggie" Morrison and his wife Suzanne. Greg served with the 192nd AHC between November 1968 and November 1969. During his tour, he spent 6 months as a Polecat and 6 months as a Tiger Shark.

6/6/2012 - Added (CW2) Michael A. "White Rabbit" Brophy (Slicks, Instructor Pilot), (SP5) Michael R. Brown, Raymond "Chuck" Cope (Company Clerk/Mail Clerk), (WO1) Mickey Franklin (Polecat 15) and his wife Linda, (CW2) Leland "Lee" Hale (Tiger Shark Pilot) and his wife Debbie, (CW2) Ronald Holbert (Slick Pilot), (E4) Clarence Jackson (AHC HQS), Charlie "Rat" Rategan and his wife Lynn, (CW2) Walter "Sunshine" Shumate and his wife Christine, and (SP5) Ronald Stigler.

10/8/2011 - Added (SP5) Larry "Steve" Cole and his wife Edna. Steve served with the 192nd AHC as a Crew Chief with the Tiger Sharks in 1969. He works as a Senior Management Analyst with the USARC G3/5/7, Force Management, Force Management Division, Requirements Branch.

9/16/2011 - Added (CW2) Raymond. C. Usher. Ray served as both a Polecat & Tiger Shark pilot with the 192nd AHC in 1967 and 1968, coming over from Ft. Riley to Phan Thiet. He retired as a CWO4.

7/11/2011 - Added (CW2) James K. "Jim" Sanford and his wife Linda. Transferring in from the 48th AHC, Jim served with the 192nd AHC as a slick pilot from December 1967 to June 1968.

7/11/2011 - Added (SP5) Charles "Crazy Charlie" Crase. Charlie served with the 192nd AHC as a Tiger Shark Crew Chief (Tail No. 66531) from May 1968 to December 1969.

7/8/2011 - Added (E5) Van L. Simpfenderfer and his wife Cathy. Between August 1968 and October 1970, Van served with the 192nd AHC as the POL/PLL clerk and in the motorpool.

7/3/2011 - Added (SP5) Robert B. "Bob" Lamping and his wife Sharon. Bob served with the 192nd AHC in Maintenance from 1967 to 1968.

6/13/2011 - Added E7 Ivan G. Scholle and his wife Karen. Ivan served in Maintenance and as the Platoon Sergeant of the 1st Flight Platoon during two separate tours with the 192nd AHC: February 1969 to February 1970 at Phan Thiet, and June 1971 to December 1971, when the unit stood down at Dong Ba Thin.

6/5/2011 - Added SP5 Michael Massieu. Mike served with the 192nd AHC as a Crew Chief in the 2nd Flight Platoon at Phan Thiet between September 1968 and September 1969.

5/31/2011 - Added CW2 Walter Meriwether. Walter served with the 192nd AHC in both the 1st Flight Platoon and the Tiger Sharks between April 1969 and April 1970. He retired as a CW5.

5/30/2011 - Added SP5 Thomas E. "Red" Wenthold and his wife Judy. Red served with the 192 AHC in the 2nd Flight Platoon as a Crew Chief and Gunner on Polecat 759 and 421 between 1970 and November 1972. His nickname was Red because of his red hair, of course.

4/21/2011 - Added SP5 Ernest "Ernie" Acosta, Jr. and his wife Sheryl. Ernie arrived in Vietnam the first week of January 1968 where he was assigned to security platoon at Qui Nhon airfield. He spent Tet there before transferring to the 192nd AHC in late April 1968. Ernie began flying with 192nd AHC in late August 1968 when most of original company had DEROSed. He was a Door Gunner for one day before getting his own ship as a Crew Chief. He left the 192nd AHC in January 1969. Ernie later returned to Vietnam and served with the 134th AHC between August 1969 and June 1970.

3/29/2011 - Added CPT Stephen P. "Steve" Dietz and his wife Beth. Steve served with the 192nd AHC as a Tiger Shark pilot starting in 1967 at Fort Riley, KS, and in Vietnam until the Tet Offensive in 1968.

3/3/2011 - Added SP5 David Brennis and his wife Barb. David served with the 192nd AHC in the Maintenance Platoon in 1967 and 1968.

12/27/2010 - Added SP5 Chris Spangler and his lady friend Sandra. Chris served with the 192nd AHC in the 2nd Platoon as a Crew Chief from December 1968 through June 1969, when he was medevac'ed back home due to typhus.

12/20/2010 - Added WO1 Robert G. "Armpit" Leach. Bob flew slicks with the 192nd AHC in Phan Thiet between November 1968 and November 1969. After moving out of tents, he roomed with Bill "Baldie" Schmitt.

12/13/2010 - Added CW2 Wayne M. "Loose" Ray. Wayne served in the 192nd AHC 2nd Flight Platoon between March 1970 and February 1971. He is currently on active duty with FORSCOM's ARMS team in Atlanta. Wayne plans to retire next year and will have a retirement bash in Elizabethtown, KY on 20 August 2011. Everyone will be invited and he will send more information as plans are finalized.

12/4/2010 - Added SP4 Curtis McLachlan and his wife Nancy. Curtis worked in the 192nd AHC Engine Shop.

11/3/2010 - Added CW2 Richard Carl "Head" Snyder and his wife Marilyn. Richard served with the 192nd AHC from February 1971 through December 1971 as Tiger Shark 33.

10/27/2010 - Added SP4 Richard Rice and his wife Letitia. Richard served with the 192nd AHC in 1970 at Phan Thiet and Phan Rang as a AC Armament Mechanic in the Tiger Sharks.

9/4/2010 - Added SP5 Edward Michaud and his wife Francine. Ed served with the 192 AHC between February 1967 and December 1968 in Maintenance and as a Door Gunner and Crew Chief.

8/9/2010 - Added SP5 Thomas R. Dyer and his wife Terry. Thomas was a Data Maintenance Specialist and sometimes Door Gunner. He is a retired Command Sergeant Major.

8/9/2010 - Added MAJ Irwin "Dirk" Dierking and his wife Carol. Dirk was was the Commanding Officer of the 192nd AHC in 1971 until the unit stood down.

7/5/2010 - Added CPT Richard M. "Hoss" Colbert. Hoss (Tiger Shark 30) served with the 192nd as a gunship pilot between August 1969 and August 1970.

6/29/2010 - Added CW2 Kevin P. Clarke and his wife Kathleen. Kevin (Polecat 25) served with the 192nd AHC as a slick pilot in the 2nd Flight Platoon between June 1971 and January 1972. He retired from the Army Guard back in 2004 as a CW5 and is currently working for the US Department of Labor OSHA. He will retire from his current position in December 2010.

6/22/2010 - Added CW2 Charles Pat "Swabby" Dyer and his wife Crea. Charles served in the 192nd AHC as a slick pilot in the 2nd Flight Platoon between February 1969 and February 1970. His Crew Chief was Harold Chaplin and his Gunner was William Karpovich (Karpovich died on April 21, 1987). Charles and Crea are registered for the 192nd AHC Reunion in St. Louis.

6/20/2010 - Added E-7 Ronald Parish and his wife Robin. Ronald served with the 192nd AHC between 1969 and March 1970 as the Platoon Sergeant of the 2nd Flight Platoon and Maintenance. Ronald retired from the Army as a First Sergeant.

6/13/2010 - Added CW2 Bobby W. Miller. Bob served in the 192nd AHC as a slick pilot in 1968-69. Bob says: "Thanks to my two tent mates, Richard Arann and Theodore Thoman, who volunteered me to be the permanent AC on Charlie-Charlie, I didn't get to spend much time with the other pilots. I guess that's just as well since I was always against the war and didn't fit in. I'll not say flying for LTC Alves was enjoyable, but he did keep us busy and the time in hell passed quickly."

6/10/2010 - Added SP5 Roman "Hooker" Kuchar. Roman served with the 192nd AHC between September 1968 and May 1970 as a Tiger Shark, first as the Door Gunner for Crew Chief Joe Rivera for 3 months (miniguns) on gunship Have Gun Will Travel. Later Roman was Crew Chief of hog gunships (had three).

6/7/2010 - Added SP5 Robert "Bob" Davis and his wife Debbie. Bob served with the 192nd AHC in Phan Thiet between May 1969 and July 1970 as a Tiger Shark Crew Chief on Tail No. 66-15070. His Door Gunners name was Larry Farmer. Bob and Debbie plan to attend the Reunion in St. Louis, MO, this August.

5/17/2010 - Added CW2 Charles "Chad" B. Gilbert and his wife Melissa. Chad served with the 192nd AHC as a slick pilot between July 1968 and June 1969.

5/17/2010 - Added SP5 Lester R. Linville. Lester served with the 192nd AHC in 1971 as a Crew Chief. He did 20 years in the army and retired. Hes still a Dept. of Army Civilian and still working. He would have made it to the reunion, but hes deploying for Afghanistan again this week. He wont be back until November. Hes done 5 trips to Iran/Iraq so far.

4/29/2010 - Added SP4 Paul J. Duffy and his wife Dahl. Paul came over to Vietnam with 192nd AHC from Kansas. He served with the 192nd AHC between 10 October 1967 and 9 October 1968, working in Flight Operations and Headquarters with Major Baker and Major Emrick. He also flew a lot as a Door Gunner. He is currently in the crab and halibut fishing business in the Alaska Bering Sea. Paul plans to attend the Reunion in St. Louis, MO, this August.

4/14/2010 - Added SGT Dan "Taco" Garcia. Dan served with the 192nd AHC between May 1970 and January 1972 as Shep's Door Gunner on "222" most of the time.

4/11/2010 - Added SP5 Walter "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" Rockenstire and his wife Carol. Rocky served with the 192nd AHC between January and December 1970. He was the company Mail Clerk and flew some CA's as Door Gunner - Charlie Charlie and Fire Fly. He was there during the move from Phan Thiet to Phan Rang. Rocky, a Nurse Practitioner, spent 25 years working for VA caring for America's veteran Heroes, retiring in late 2008. He still teaches periodically at a local college and at the VA medical center as a volunteer. Rocky attended the reunion in St. Louis last year and plans to attend again this year.

4/2/2010 - Added E-5 Jean Paul LaFlamme and his wife Kathlyn. Jean served with the 192nd AHC between June 1969 and June 1970. He did inspections on helicopters at first, then went to the Engine Shop where he was in charge until he DEROSed

- Final information and registration documents for the 192nd AHC Reunion that will be held 4-8 August 2010 in St. Louis, MO are now available. The Reunion registration cost this year is only $130 per person (Compatriots & Guests). Get that check book out before you do another thing and send in your Registration Form. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE DOCUMENTS

3/16/2010 - Added SP? John McLeod. John served with the 192nd AHC in 1968 as a Door Gunner on his second tour in Vietnam.

3/15/2010 - Added SP5 Anthoney G. "Tony" Pepples and his wife Katherine. Tony came to the 192nd AHC from the 155th AHC, where he flew on Stagecoach slicks and was assigned to the Falcons gunships. After the 155th AHC broke up, he came to fly as a Crew Chief with 192nd AHC Tiger Sharks. While with the Tiger Sharks, Tony spent most of his time running missions out of Ban Me Thuot. Tony served with the 192nd AHC between January 1970 and April 1971, when he DEROSed.

3/13/2010 - Added SP4 John A. DiMeola and his wife Lucille. John served as a helicopter mechanic with the 192nd from January 1967 until July 1968. He rotated to RVN on the troop ship USNS General Nelson M. Walker. After flying for three months with the 192nd AHC, John was transferred to the 335th AHC at Tuy Hoa where he finished out his tour.

3/5/2010 - Added SP5 Jim Odom. Jim was a cook with the 192nd AHC from October 1967 to July 1968. He was stationed first at Phan Thiet and then at Tuy Hoa until July 1968. Jim deployed from Ft. Riley, KS, in October 1967. He traveled to Vietnam on Board the USNS General Nelson M. Walker troop carrier.

2/23/2010 - Added SP5 Jon Freel. Jon served with the 192nd AHC as a Crew Chief between May 1969 and August 1970.

2/19/2010 - Added WO1 Tom "Don't Know" Dunno. Tom served with the 192nd AHC in the Tiger Shark gunship platoon between February 1970 and February 1971.

2/16/2010 - Added 1LT Ronald J. Kraus and his wife Barbara. Ron served with the 192nd AHC as Assistant Flight Operations Officer from May 1971 until October 1971, at which time he transferred to the 2nd Flight Platoon until January 1972 when the unit stood down.

2/10/2010 - Added WO1-CW2 Eugene W. "Chip" Reaves IV and his wife Lori. Chip served in the 192nd AHC 1st Platoon as "Polecat 31" at Phan Thiet and Phan Rang between December 1969 and December 1970.

2/9/2010 - Added SP5 Bert Sosa. Bert, "Polecat 303," served with the 192nd AHC in 1968.

2/9/2010 - Added SP5 Earl H. "FOD" Patterson and his wife Pat. Earl served with the 192nd AHC Tiger Sharks in Armament between June 1970 and May 1971. He worked with Dan Chelmo and Charles Rategan. His home base at the time was College Pt, New York.

2/5/2010 - Added (SP5/Acting SGT) John A. DeFeo and his wife Sharon. John served in Avionics with the 65th Signal Detachment, which was later made part of the 192nd AHC, between April 1969 and March 1970.

2/2/2010 - Added E-5 Kenneth R. Printz and his wife Sharon. Ken served with the 192nd AHC in POL and as the Company Clerk between December 1968 and August 1970

1/20/2010 - Added WO1 Richard "Rich" Clayton and his wife Kristin. Rich served with the 192nd AHC in the 1st Flight Platoon between August 1971 and December 1971, before transferring the B Troop, 7/17 Cav, following the stand down of the 192nd AHC. While with the 192nd AHC, he remembers serving with "Orson" Wells, "Sleepy" Todd, "REMFKE" Lemke, and "Lunchmeat" Javens, among others.

1/18/2010 - Added CW2 Roger "Woody" Mitchell and his wife Nancy. Woody served with the 192nd AHC in the 1st Flight Platoon between December 1969 and May 1971.

- Jim Godfrey, 192nd AHC Association, issued "Warning Order - 2010-2" notifying all that the 192nd AHC Reunion will be held 4-8 August 2010 in St. Louis, MO. Click here to read all about it.

12/18/2009 - Added SP5 William E. "Bill" Lorfing and his wife Carla. Bill served with the 192nd AHC in the 1st Flight Platoon. He came over to Vietnam with the Company from Ft. Riley, Kansas.

12/7/2009 - Added SGT Renaldo "Rey" Garza and his wife Odilia. He was a SP4 when he volunteered as a door gunner. Initially, he was assigned to the 17th Combat Aviation Group on 2 March 1969, where he flew for a while. Then Rey was transferred to the 192nd AHC where he served as SGT of POL until his DEROS on 5 December 1969. This was his 2nd tour in Nam, his first being from May 1967 to May 1968 with the 551st Transportation where they hauled ammo and supplies to infantry units - 25th, 9th, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, and the 5th Special Forces camps along the border with Cambodia. After his first tour in Nam he was assigned to the 2nd Armored Division at Ft. Hood as an APC driver and tanks. He didn't like that duty so he volunteered to go back to Nam again.

12/7/2009 - Added SP5 Clayton "Benny" Benson. He was the 1st flight platoon door gunner on 356 with AC Jim Schueckler and Crew Chief Lee "Bad Bascom" Pearson. Later he was promoted to Crew Chief on 408 with AC Mr. Wise. He served with the 192nd AHC from April 1969 to April 1970.

11/15/2009 - Added SP5 Charles "Charlie" Breden. He was in the 1st Flight Platoon between May 1968 and May 1969. He crewed Polecat 250 then Polecat 356. Bascom was his door gunner who took over as CE when Charlie left. Charlie is a retired Police Officer with 23 years OTJ. He lived on Long Island in N.Y. He was a tent dweller his whole tour at LZ Betty. He was one of the first replacements to be assigned to the 192nd AHC in Phan Thiet.

11/15/2009 - Added SP5 Charlie Winnekens. Charlie served with the 192nd AHC between 1969 and 1970.

11/5/2009 - Added CW2 Dan Snook and his wife Laurie. Dan, Polecat 29, served with the 192nd AHC between May 1970 and April 1971.

10/26/2009 - Added Warren Allison and his wife Renee. Warren also started out with the 192nd AHC at Fort Riley, KS, and moved with the unit to Phan Thiet. He was a Gunner and then Crew Chief with the Tiger Sharks from the end of 1967 until the beginning of 1969.

10/18/2009 - Added SGT Vernon Darling and his wife Donna. Vernon started out with the 192nd AHC at Fort Riley, KS, and stayed with the unit to Phan Thiet, returning to the States in July 1969.

10/14/2009 - Added SP5 Larry L. Craft and his wife Patricia. Larry transferred into the 192nd AHC from HQ, 10th CAB, in 1968. He was originally in the motor pool and later served as a door gunner in the 1st Platoon.

10/4/2009 - Added SP5 Floyd Alan "Tiny" Tiner and his wife Sun. Tiny was a crew chief with the Tiger Sharks.

10/2/2009 - Add Philip Copenhaver's RVN photos to the Copenhaver Sortie tab.

9/28/2009 - Added SP5 Philip Copenhaver and his wife Brenda. Philip worked in maintenance at Phan Rang as a 67N20, and then as a crew chief with the Tiger Sharks tail # 497.

9/5/2009 - Added a My Life Since tab tp the FRIENDLIES tab containing short bios since leaving the 192nd AHC (if I had something), and THEN and NOW pics (if I had them).

9/3/2009 - Added several new Vietnam-era photos (Chesnes, Williams, Klein, Whitney) to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster contacts tab

9/3/2009 - Added WO1 Edward J. "Eddy" Chesnes to the Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab - After Action

9/3/2009 - Added Jim Williams' Vietnam photos to the Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Williams Sortie tab

8/28/2009 - Added Post DEROS photo of Jim & Pam Williams

8/25/2009 - Updated Dennis Javens contact information, and revamped the Home Page with the aim of bringing it up to the present time and presenting something that will entice site visitors to have a look around

- Received the following email from Jim Godfrey ( 192nd_AHC@charter.net) regarding the establishment of the 192nd AHC Association. If you are interested in supporting the Association or have any questions, please contact Jim directly.

Hi Bill:

I was trying to find any email that I had sent you but I am not sure if I did. I know you have been in contact with Darrel Koenig (I was in the Tigersharks with Darrel) and he may have told you about the recent activities that the 281st had in which they invited members of the 10th Btn to Join. We had 6 members of the 192nd that I was able to get together at somewhat the last minute. At that reunion we voted to formally start the 192nd AHC Association somewhat patterned after what the 48th, 92nd and especially the 281st. We are working on a 501C19 tax free corporation. That will take a little time. We have opened a bank account and have a good bit of money coming in from donations of the founders and some of the guys that I presented this to at the VHPA convention at Philly this year. I have over 600 names with various contact information. I have pretty good info (probably over 80%) on the officers and less on the enlisted men. Attached is a copy of that list. It is truncated some to make it easier to read and see where we are.

We are kicking off a search for all of the members Pilots and EM. We do this by several methods. For the pilots I have used what info I can get from the VHPA. If they dont have good info, we are using SSnumbers to track them via a service that I subscribe to. That will be the main way that we find the EM. I have SSN for about 2/3 of them. There are a lot of soldiers missing from these lists mainly after 71 and before 68. If you and the guys that are participating on you web site can support this effort it will be great. We will have website specific to the association in a few weeks. We are not trying to compete with yours or Jim Scheuckler or Pat Rooney (I few with them as well) but it will deal with specifics of the objectives of the association and activities. It will be www.192nd.org

The next 10th Btn. Reunion including 192nd Association will be the first week in August of next year. I think Darrel is sending you info. Our goal is to have 100 troupers at this reunion. That is achievable we will need help. We start the searching process (the biggest cost to this effort) in the next week.

One aspect of this project is to find photos of every man in the unit. It is daunting task as so many Huey and dead body pictures took precedence over the people of the 192nd. What you have done is great. I hope we can combine efforts. We have a major project as well to collect as many collections of photos as possible and identify what is on them. These will be left to Texas Tech University when we are all gone as a tribute to the 192nd. I see you have a lot already. We have over 4000 that I have started to catalog and try and pull out people to be identified. As the year(s) go on, I want to reach out to those that have passed away and see if their families are interested in the association. Under 501 C 19, that is possible. They will have photos as well. We are not planning on putting these on the web but will be available to the members.

Enough for now, just wanted to introduce myself and the efforts that we are taking on behalf of the 192nd members. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas questions etc. We are looking for people to support the effort. Although we do not have any membership cards or dues yet, we have a budget for the first year and that is about 1,000 (searches cost $ 1.00 each and there is postage etc.) we have kicked in over $ 400 so far and are soliciting anything anyone wants to contribute. The associations that I have seen are charging about $ 20 a year really not a lot. But with several 100 guys, we can get this effort well underway before we all die.

Sorry for the long email, but we need help from all 192nd members and I wanted to reach out.

I will look forward to hear from you and the guys that are showing up on your site. Can you please publicize what we are doing?

Jim Godfrey
Tigershark 35
192nd AHC Association
Phan Thiet June 69-June 70

8/21/2009 - Added some new photos from Greg Keay and Don Lemke to the Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Keay Sortie and Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Lemke Sortie tabs. Added some new patches (thanks Wolfie) to the OPS/INTEL/Unit Patches tab

8/5/2009 - Added an R&R tab under the Orderly Room menu item. Added several PC wallpapers with a UH-1 "Huey" helicopter, or general Army theme, for download on a newly created Orderly Room/Downloads tab. Check them out!

8/4/2009 - Added a cool short video on UH-1 pilot training at Ft. Fucker to the Avionics/RTO Cope/UH-1 Pilot Training tab

8/3/2009 - Website received X5 Excellence Award for 2009! See Base Camp page

8/2/2009 - Updated menu button labels to coincide with AHC/Army jargon

7/31/2009 - Updated the webpage corner "New" graphic on the Base Camp page, and updated the sound and video files/players on the Avionics tab

7/31/2009 - Added Frank Newsome's "Vietnam 19" sound file to theAvionics/RTO Newsome/19 tab. Frank is a website guru and his input and assistance has contributed greatly to the "punch" and appearance of our website

7/28/2009 - Added UH1 sounds to Base Camp page

7/26/2009 - Added Mike Martinez' photos to the Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Martinez Sortie tab

7/25/2009 - Added John Hennigar's (USAF 435th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, Phan Rang) photos to the Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Hennigar Sortie tab

7/21/2009 - Added poem "Army Helicopter Pilots - One in a Million" to the Avionics/RTO Wolf/One in a Million! tab

7/20/2009 - Added CPT Ronnie "Stonewall" Jackson to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster page

7/19/2009 - Added Mark Lobodzinski's photos to the Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Lobodzinski Sortie tab

7/17/2009 - Added CPT Bob Goolsby to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster page and added a Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Goolsby Sortie for him. Used a picture from Bob of Specialists Arthur and Montoya for the Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab

7/16/2009 - Added photos of of CW2 Richard "Stache" Claeys provided by Stache's wife, Janis Claeys, to Flight Photo Ops/RVN/Claeys Sortie tab and to Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab. Added her comments on the Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab. Added Stache/Janis Claeys contact info to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster page

7/15/2009 - Added photo of KIA Specialists Arthur and Montoya provided by 1LT Robert E. Goolsby (pilot at time of incident), and his comments to the Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab

7/15/2009 - Added AFVN sound clip to the Avionics/RTO Petty/AFVN tab

7/15/2009 - Added RVN Blood Chit to OPS/Intel/RVN Blood Chit tab

7/14/2009 - Added CW2 Ted "Enema" Emery to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster page

7/14/2009 - Added Hanoi Hannah audio to the Avionics/RTO Petty/Hanoi Hannah tab

7/14/2009 - Added SP4 Louie Gooch Montoya and SP5 Johnny Arthur to Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab - On the Wall

7/14/2009 - Added 1LT Robert J. Lobodzinski and WO1 Richard P. Claeys to the Orderly Room/Final Farewells tab - After Action

7/14/2009 - Revamped the Final Farewells tab with "On the Wall" and "After Action" columns

7/12/2009 - Added Polecats and Tiger Sharks Guest Book to the Orderly Room tab

7/12/2009 - Added the Latest News tab to the Orderly Room tab, redirect from the Base Camp page via Red "New" button in the upper right corner.

7/12/2009 - Added SP5 John "Armpit" Gladden, SP4 Mike Martinez, SP5 Dave Noble, and SP4 Rob "oMo" Webb to the Friendlies/192nd AHC Muster page

7/11/2009 - Added Final Farewells to Orderly Room tab

7/10/2009 - Added list of 1st Aviation Brigade aviation units on OPS/Intel tab

7/10/2009 - Added list of 192nd AHC aircraft tail numbers on OPS/Intel tab

7/9/2009 - Added a Links tab to Orderly Room tab

7/8/2009 - Added 192nd AHC 1st Platoon patch to Unit Patches on OPS/Intel tab

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