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Reunion 2010

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After action report on the 2nd Annual Reunion of the
192nd Assault Helicopter Association, 4-8 August 2010

I would like to give everyone my thoughts on the very successful "second" reunion that the 192nd AHC Association completed a few weeks ago in St. Louis. We were 49 members strong representing members of the unit that were there when it was formed up at Fort Riley, Kansas to guys (including the last Company Commander - Dirk Dierking) that were there when the unit stood down in 1971.

Everyone that I talked to had a great time and is planning to do it again next year. For those of you who were not there, you missed a great and sometimes emotional event. Here is a little history of how we got started.

A group of 192nd pilots that were at the VHPA convention in 2009 pledged support for an effort to organize at the 10th Aviation Battalion reunion that was held in St. Louis in August of 2009. We were able to get 6 members of the unit at that event. It was just luck that we all were in country at the same time and we all agreed that we wanted to proceed with organizing an association. We collected money and went to work on locating members.

We had a list of about 650 names and we found an internet service to help locate people. We know where about half of them are, but there are many names to add to the list and there is much more work to be done. We are cranking up the search effort for 2011 shortly.

At our recent gathering, we took another step in organizing. We raised some more money (we need more!!!) and decided to return to St. Louis next year. At our business meeting we were thinking that the 281st would be hosting a 10th ABN reunion again, but they are going back to their own 281st reunion. We will still go to St. Louis and may or may not have activities at the same time as the 281st. But our group will guarantee all a good time again - but this time with more soldiers, more food, more beer and more war stories.

Stay tuned for more information and please keep me informed (I keep the database) of address changes and email address.

Thanks to Bill Cope and his group and the founding members and all of those that helped and gave money that made this possible.

Jim Godfrey, President
192nd AHC Association

Official List of Reunion Attendees - 2010


192nd AHC TOUR

Ashley, Art

Nov 70 - Nov 71

Bailey, Dennis (Skip)


Cole, Larry (Steve) & Edna

Oct 68 - Oct 69

Cope, Bill & Barb

Jun 71- Dec 71

Copenhaver, Phil

Jan 71 - Dec 71

Cox, S. Victor

Sep 68 - Sep 69

Craft, Larry & Patricia

Jan 68 - Aug 69

Davis, Bob & Debbie

May 69 - Jul 70

Davis, Morris

Aug 68 - 69

Dierking, Dirk & Carol

Jul 71 - Dec 71

DiMeola, John & Lucille

Jan 67 - Jul 68

Duffy, Paul & Dahl

Oct 67 - Oct 68

Dyer, Charles (Pat) & Crea

18 Feb 69 - 18 Feb 70

Emery, Ted

Jun 70 - Jun 71

Fountain, Bobby

July 68 - Aug 69

Freel, Jon

May 69 - Aug 70

Godfrey, Jim

Jun 69 - Jun 70

Goolsby, Bob, Sharon, Robby, Amy & Gabe

Jan 71 - Jun 71

Gorney, Paul


Hertlein, Dan

Feb 67 - May 68

Hicks, Larry

Aug 71 - Dec 71

Inferrere, John

Oct 67 - Oct 68

Javens, Dennis & Judy

?71 - Dec 71

Kimmich, Carl

Jun 71 - Jan 72

Klein, Denny

Jan 71 - Dec 71

Koenig, Darell

Sep 68 - Sep 69

Kuchar, Roman

Sep 68 - May 70

Kulig, Dan, Mary & Paul

68 - 69

Landis, Tim

Apr 70 - Nov 70

Lemke, Don

Feb 71 - Dec 71

Lorfing, Bill & Carla

May 67 - Jul 68

Madden, Hal

Nov 70 - Nov 71

Martinez, Mike & Carol

Dec 69 - Nov 70

Metzenberg, John (Jay)

69 - 70

Michaud, Ed

Feb 67 - Dec 68

Minkler, Dave & Judi

Mar 71 - Dec 71

Moomjean, Phil & Loretta

Mar 71 - Dec 71

Morrison, Greg

Nov 68 - Nov 69

Nelson, Darrell & Sandy


Nichols, Clyde & Linda

Feb 71 - Dec 71

Noble, Dave, Terri & Son

Dec 70 - May 71

Printz, Ken

Dec 68 - Aug 71

Rivera, Jose

68 - 70

Rockenstire, Walt & Carol

Jan 70 - Dec 70

Sanchez, Regino & Lillie

Jun 67 - May 68

Stribling, Dennis & Susan

Jun 71 - Dec 71

Todd, Bill & Pat

? - Dec 71

Whitney, Bruce

Jul 70 - Jul 71

Wolf, Geb & Claudia

Feb 71 - Dec71


AUGUST 4-8, 2010

Greetings Polecats & Tiger Sharks:

Below you will find four links to get you started to sign up for the 2010 Reunion. These include the following:

The first is a cover letter containing General Information on the reunion from the host unit (281st AHC). The second is a Schedule of Events. The third is the reunion Registration Form for members and their guests (only $130 per person this year!). And the fourth is a sign-up form for Special Events so the reunion organizers will have a head count.

Print the documents and follow the mailing instructions on the Registration Form.

Please sign up early and make your registrations early too since rooms at the STL Crown Plaza are limited. THE RIVERBOAT DINNER CRUISE on Thursday Evening August 4, 2010 is new this year. Please note that because both the bus & cruise must be reserved for this event, you must sign up for this by APRIL 30, 2010.

The 10th CAB and several of its units (281th, 155th, 92nd, 192nd, 48th, 177th, 10 Det., & the 61st, to name a few) will join us at the reunion. They expect a turnout of between 250 and 300 people.

Don't hesitate. Get that check book out before you do another thing and send in your Registration Form. Call the hotel and book your room now. DO NOT USE CENTRAL RESERVATIONS. Remember to ask for the HOTEL RESERVATION DESK and use the Reunion code VAG to ensure you get the $60.00 deal!

Hope to see you all there for the greatest reunion ever!

THE LINKS (Click on them):

General Information Letter from the host unit - 281st AHC

Schedule of Events

Reunion Registration Form

Event Sign-up Form

Information Current as of March 20, 2010

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